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Old Fashioned Toon Wonderland by RoseMaylieGottschalk Old Fashioned Toon Wonderland :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 3 0 Old Fashioned Toon Gakuen Wonderland by RoseMaylieGottschalk Old Fashioned Toon Gakuen Wonderland :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Wonderland SemiChibi Spades and Hearts by RoseMaylieGottschalk Wonderland SemiChibi Spades and Hearts :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Magi Rose by RoseMaylieGottschalk Magi Rose :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 4 0 Second Water Coloring by RoseMaylieGottschalk Second Water Coloring :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 0 3 Trial Run On Water Paint by RoseMaylieGottschalk Trial Run On Water Paint :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 1 0 How Wonderland l Rose plays Pokemon GO by RoseMaylieGottschalk How Wonderland l Rose plays Pokemon GO :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 1 0 Rose The Dream Demon by RoseMaylieGottschalk Rose The Dream Demon :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 7 0 Don't Mess With Rose|Wonderland by RoseMaylieGottschalk Don't Mess With Rose|Wonderland :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Homestuck OC Rose by RoseMaylieGottschalk Homestuck OC Rose :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Homestuck OC Rose Draft by RoseMaylieGottschalk Homestuck OC Rose Draft :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 1 0
Magi: Ja'Baby's Nightmare
M-momma..?" Ja'Baby stutters fear laced in his trembling voice, hoping not to cry. He was sharing his mother tower and his mother's bed. Shifting out of his section of the bed, his blankets slipped off him, as he drained the sleep from the larger body replicating his young features.
The larger body groans, turning and blankly stares at his child. He lifts his dainty and delicate hand patting Ja'Baby's head. To state that he was slowly awakening. "What is it Ja'Baby?" He asked softly , caressing the terrified Chibi. 
Ja'Baby looks up teary eyed, streams of small rivers dripping down from eyes, to his cheek.
"I-i Had a N-nightmare." ;~;
Ja'far finalize he needed answers to. Return to his desired need, sleep. It wasn't often that he had time to rest his dark bags from the past week and month. Recalled his co-workers calling him a workaholic, it's not his fault that Sinbad ditched to revert to drinking at bars and flirt with ladies. There were times, why he loved that man. The man, wh
:iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 0 0
Magi: Welcome Ja'Baby!

"Yay I'm here!" 
The Chibi Jumps Happily up and down, Grinning*
Hatter types vigorously, trying to ignore the adorable Chibi.
Ja'Baby Stretches it's chubby cheeks (Experimentally remembering Aladdin doing this) 
Watching upon over "The Author's" shoulder.
"SOOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!! 😍" A Major Fangirl Screeches from afar.
"Must.. Type.. Another.. Ship.. BE.. Strong.. Hatter.." Hatter types even more vigorously.
Ja'baby turns on his charm and reveals an open smile;  With it's small hands out for someone (Like his older mama Ja'fari) to take him up in the air/hugs.
Hatter stops typing abruptly, putting her hands to reach out for the Chibi. She holds the Chibi close to her almost flat chest. Hatter squeals. "Adorable!"
Ja'Baby giggles, rubbing back also
Ja'far slams the door open. "Back to work!" He leaves, the door slamming behind him." 
The Chibi; Smoll Ja'baby calls out,
:iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 2
Shawn M. Gottschalk by RoseMaylieGottschalk Shawn M. Gottschalk :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 3 3 Rick and Morty Version by RoseMaylieGottschalk Rick and Morty Version :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Colored Gravity Falls Trust by RoseMaylieGottschalk Colored Gravity Falls Trust :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 5 0


Intertwined: P5 Phantom X Reader [Soulmate AU]
Soulmate AU where everyone's pinky fingers are tied with the red string of fate. When they get  shortened, that means they're close to their soulmates. If they get tangled up, that means they're next to their soulmate.
I was not ready by this. I was not ready for that. I was so not fucking ready for that at all hhhhhhhh.

          You looked at your cousin bitterly when she was holding hands with her soulmate.
          She had found her soulmate when you two were eating at a cafe when some random dude accidentally bumped into her. It was supposed to be you and your cousin hanging out but judging from the look in their eyes, you knew she had found her soulmate.
          Besides, the <b>
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 88 10
The City of Hearts P5 Protagonist x Reader pt3
Note: I thihnk I failed to previously mention that reader-chan speaks two languages and previously lived in another country when she was much younger. Of course that homeland is up to you ;)
It had been a few days since you first moved back into your apartment and it finally seemed like you were getting over your little cold. You had to miss the first few days of the new semester, which made today officially your first day. At least you wouldn't have to go through the same introduction you did when you first moved to Inaba... You shuddered at the thought and were once again glad that you finally had your allergies under control. You rumbled out of bed and put on your uniform. It was simple, white collared shirt, black tie and jacket, red plaid (rather short) skirt accompanied with a pair of black high socks and black shoes. Black and red, your two favorite colors.
This would be your first time wearing the high school uniform for Syujin High School. It wasn't really the best scho
:iconchirisama:ChiRiSama 11 4
Mature content
The City of Hearts (P5) Protagonist x Reader Pt2 :iconchirisama:ChiRiSama 9 0
P5 MC x Detective! Reader: Enemies in Love?
You were a teenage detective from France. Actually, you were also Japanese because you were born from Tokyo, Japan. You were transferred to Japan and you were given some cases related to a group of phantom thieves. Of course, you never had heard of this group, the Phantom Thieves of Heart. According to your collegues, this group revealed themselves at night and there were some rumors. They came here to steal hearts from the adults who were corrupted.
You were unsure of this "group of phantom thieves" even though you were chosen to take this case that may related to them. Your first case was to investigate a mogul in his twenties, who owned some of the casinos in Tokyo. Some rumors about this man claimed that he had some accomplices for smugglings. You knew that you had to take this case, but you were hesitant about this case. Why? Because this mogul would be having a special event at his casino and he only invited beautiful young women.
Well, you couldn't refuse this offer, so you took
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 33 0
Persona 5 - Phantom x Reader
“Leave me alone. I don’t want your company,” you growled, pushing your chair back as you abruptly stood up. You sent a glare to the noiret’s way before pulling your headphones up over your ear. […] watches quietly as you stormed out of the classroom. He’s surprised by your reaction to a simple question such as, ‘How was your day?’
There were rumors floating around that you often acted that way, rejecting all those who tried to get close to you. You seemed to prefer being alone as if everyone around you had evil intentions. People also said you were a problem child, talking back to adults and doing as you wish.
[…] had a hard time believing such rumors. Much to his surprise, he was wrong not to. You seemed to hate his guts before he even had a chance to talk to you.
He hasn’t talked to you ever since that first conversation, mainly because you always found a way to avoid his presence.
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 38 5
Crave | P5: 2 | Persona 5 Protagonist
You love his little mannerisms and quirks.
You love how mysterious he is.
Maybe… you’re becoming obsessed?
He’s a beautiful young man. Somehow so beautiful that he made you hurt. In the wild, hungry streets of Shibuya, an enigmatic love was blooming. Love? Definitely. But somehow, your own feelings still puzzled you. Your dreams still plagued you, but at this point, you were welcoming them with open arms. You wanted more of him, to hold him and plant kisses all over his face. Lately, however, he had started to look tired, ragged, and blatantly exhausted. What ailed him? You were curious as to ask. But you hadn’t yet. He could see it. You knew that he could see the concern in your expression.
Recently, a thief had grown infamous among Shibuya. His calling card was often left at his next targets, which was daring and bold of any thief. Still, your father, one of the head detectives at the police station, was also becoming exhausted. He was out
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 73 5
Calluses: P5 Protagonist X Reader
Just sits back here watching a speedpaint video of Soejima drawing Persona 5 for one hour straight
          Lying down on your boyfriend's bed inside his room of the coffee shop, you continued to play Fire Emblem Awakening with the TV on, broadcasting it's most recent news.
          "The Phantom has eluded the authorities once again! The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have stolen the most sacred treasure from-"
          'Huh, at least he made it out back alive.'
You thought as you watched the cutscene where Chrom confesses his love to the avatar, in this case, you.
          "What the-hey!" You shouted when your boyfriend grabbed your 3DS, tch-ing at the cutscene playing.
          "Why do you even play games like this? You already have a boyfriend,
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 65 2
Two Egos, Same Love: P5 Protagonist X Reader
Headcanon that P5 Protagonist has alter egos like Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug.
          A lot of times, your boyfriend confuses you.
          When he's just [...], he showed you gentle and heart-warming love.
          Whenever you two are in class, he secretly hands you notes, all of them compliments.
          Whenever you two have homework, he would devise cute little games that involves guessing the right answer to get a kiss. You definitely aced that exam you were worrying about.
          And that time when the Thieves of Hearts were out on the beach, you were rather self-conscious at how Ann and Futaba-san looked (despite said girl having to co
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 60 8
P5 Protagonist/PhantomxReader:A Surprise Encounter
               This is how it always is.
               Saying hello to guests, dancing around the room with someone you've never met before. You just wanted this night to end.
               Here you were in the grandest party in Tokyo hosted by your father. You for one liked parties but not in this way. You just wanted a plain and simple get-together not a grand festival. Your father wanted to throw this party because his company had gotten major off-the-roof promotion and every single employee and the employee's friends are here.
               You adjusted your (dress and make up is up to you), feeling slightly uncomfortable. You made your way to the refreshments when swore you heard the jingling of the chandelier above. The fancy music certainly didn't block it out. When you looked up, you saw nothing though.
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 75 8
Endlessly TLY!Tsuna x Reader
Namimori could be such a beautiful place in the spring. Flowers in bloom, sakura petals dancing in the light, cool breeze and the streets were serene. Yes there were plenty of people, but spring had a strange effect on people. While summer made them immensely energetic and a bit obnoxious, spring had this beauty which charmed them like snakes. Everyone went about their business almost at peace with themselves.
Then again, this calm feeling could also be because the rowdy students and loud children were all at school or in day care. So, why did you come here of all places. Well to put it simply, you and your current boyfriend were visiting his mother.
This place though, it reminded you of when you were younger. When you first came here years ago, you had gotten lost on the day of your transfer. You managed to find your way to this market, but could not find your way to the school grounds. After another 30 min of wandering on, you found yourself in a residential area of sorts.
There, you
:iconchirisama:ChiRiSama 9 3
Crave | P5: 1 | Persona 5 Protagonist
You don’t know why this is happening or why these dreams are coming to you so vividly.
But your mouth waters when you look at him and your legs tremble.
You couldn’t help where your mind was going.
He was the soft spoken young man who attended the school for delinquents. Why? Why would such a polite young man attend such a vicious school? You had run into him numerous times by now, enough to know his name and to know that he enjoyed drinking coffee. You started to not be able to look him in the eye. You couldn’t even look at his face without feeling guilt and embarrassment. But you were even more guilty about troubling him. Damn his intuitiveness. He was able to know something was off about you.
It was a bright  and sunny spring day in Shibuya, an off day too. But you couldn’t help but quiver at the thought of running into him again. His tousled raven hair and sweet eyes drew you in too deeply. His masculine jawline… and beautiful
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 60 10
The City of Hearts (P5) Protagonist x Reader Pt1
It's been two years already?
You stood alone at the train station. Everyone was supposed to meet you here. Yosuke, Yukiko, Chie and Yu, but apparently something came up. Something none of them could explain to you. It was always something they couldn't explain. They busied themselves with these missions for days at a time and the distanced was noted every time. You really began to wonder if they still cared that you would probably never see them again.
The familiar sound of the conductor reverberated throughout the area.
The train was to depart soon. If you did have a choice in the matter, it was invalid now. You made your way onto the train and found your empty seat waiting for you. 
It was time to say goodbye now. You looked down at a small picture in your hands. The back side said, 'We'll never forget you!' and all this other mushy stuff. Everyone in the picture looked so happy. These were the kind of memories you wish you were leaving behind. Leaving this place though,
:iconchirisama:ChiRiSama 19 5
[Downloadable game] Robin Steele 2 v0.3.0b by Pix3M [Downloadable game] Robin Steele 2 v0.3.0b :iconpix3m:Pix3M 99 84 Sans' Lost Soul - An Undertale FLASH GAME by Chibixi Sans' Lost Soul - An Undertale FLASH GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 439 617 Can You Escape Fate? Undertale Inspired GAME by Chibixi Can You Escape Fate? Undertale Inspired GAME :iconchibixi:Chibixi 329 510 [Side Art] Double Date by vavacung [Side Art] Double Date :iconvavacung:vavacung 552 105


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Untitled by RoseMaylieGottschalk

(No censored swears){Enjoy music if wanted)

Talk to myself.
A lot.
I want I expect a lot from myself, what I didn't expect to see.
Is that I crippled myself the point, that I can't even stand for myself because the point sometimes you can't stand for yourself you keep even speak it's like being dead or alive.
I That's the question are you tell me, the life people just go from the bar drinking and driving, makes it seems like a fun little joy ride.
Where to the point we're spending money on shit you don't need to kill you on the spot is the shit that you don't really need because you might be alone forever is that's what you see.
That's because you didn't give life a chance please play the cards right you might score yourself a little something, play the cards wrong you fucked up life you're not a virgin when you die, so you see things are not what it's cracked up to be, I understand.
Find that edge just stupid a way enjoy something have fun, not get high just fuck up life and disappoint everyone you have a meeting everyone goddamn has purpose.
But I'll people you wouldn't have of it you wouldn't have a company you wouldn't have friends, you want to have a social link.
You don't play people as cards you make sure you are one you actually are because no one gets to choose beggars can't be chooser or lose everything. Life is not a simple game, you see.
It's complicated just like a goddamn relationship, where you say your partner is the worst one do you ever meet.
I don't get that, because i never been one right now.
I see that I would learn things that's what you to learn to exceed past expectations, you have to do that every day.
I know that's complicated but you can't give up you can't you lose a lot of things, you lose a lot of things in mind taking the prick out and burn.
That is not how you live start a gateway drug you're not post to take that that is how money works that is how modern day works you see technology is a different subject do you lose jobs because you improve in most of things computers over knowledge.
Technology take the hard road and you try to find a simple road just makes it more complicated over the instruction manual.
Life doesn't have a manual you were born to give choices wether, if you born or genderized as boy, or a girl, trans.  
What you ever you do I don't control that I understand, that is where I do not trust myself.
I repeat, I do not trust myself within the range of deciding what to do.
Because I am afraid.
I am afraid of how everyone judges, I am afraid of my goddamn skin are you afraid of the typical knowledge of political sense of our country why do we have this man do we not judge by character, or we be judged by our publicity.
I am worried of the future because America has a noose around our necks for we owe a lot to China that IOU never given. 
What do we do..?
What are we meant to be is your decision whatever you do be kill you receive you bring life create a good future.  
You crash your car with a child running infront of your vehicle, it was the night you feel that pain scrunch up your heart, or if you have one, I'm not complaining or convinced.
Wither if your a Socialpath or Psychopath.
You know you have a new box of durable trash bags and a shovel in the back. You have a warrant at your neck to chill your thoughts of confrontation with the jury and the crying parents
What do you, in a situation like this?
Hand yourself in, or bare the guilt of your sins..
Laugh, you could hear the uproar of hysteria rile your sanity.
Tears may have rolled down your cheeks, or you did none of these things..
What are you you do is the beginning of change.
Small changes make it big.
Have a nice day..

I apologize...
Magi Rose
If Rose went to the Magi dimension, she'll be part of Sindria's Castle staff, along side with Jafar and Sinbad. After being sent there as a younger age she was regularly was traveling with Young Sinbad. I guess she really admires Ja'far's Knowledge, persistence to work for the people of Sindria and the list goes on.

Freddy: Do You Trust Me?

Image by RoseMaylieGottschalk

Mangle: *Seals the jar*

Star: Hmm guess radiance didn't work.

Freddy: *Takes jar*

Mangle: You don't know what a shadow demon.

Freddy: Nope.
But I wonder...
If it kills people. 
*Smirks and holds the jar close*

Star: I don't trust you Freddy.

Mangle: Uh be careful it's a glass jar.

Freddy: Yeah I know. 
*Breaks the jar*

[The Shadow Demon take over Freddy's Form]

Freddy?: Ooooh~
This could be interesting.

Mangle: Brake it and it can shut the restaurant to darkness.
It'll also dragging us with it.
*Face palms and suddenly shut down*

Freddy?: Too late~

[Freddy's music goes off cuz of the darkness]

Mangle: *Flimbles to the ground, as the parts fly off *

Freddy?: Hur hur hur. 
*Turns dark*
Oh how I love the dark.

Bonnie: Ugh, what happened?

Mangle: 'Sh*t!'
'Damn you Shadow Freddy!'

Freddy: I saved your life Bonnie. 

Star: *Eyes are black*

Mangle: 'Help me....'


RoseMaylieGottschalk's Profile Picture
Wonderland(UK's Cousin)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello There My Dear!~

I am the Personification Of Wonderland.

I am dearest cousins to Arthur Kirkland (England)/ Oliver Kirkland (2PEngland), and few others Countries/States.

(Admin: Are You One?)

Maybe to Some demons, as well.

The reason?~

Well I'm a dream demon, like my father Nightmare Gottschalk.

Demons: Well I only know little in Black Butler

Plus I'm 1p And 2P All At Once. For My Kind Side And Assassin Side.

But Not Just That Wonderland Is Where The Mad Is.

A Link To A Song Sung By Me My Dear~…

[A link to a reason why She might stay, I mean you would, after reading this!!]

~=+{Rose M. Gottschalk}+=~

Journal History


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