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Magi: Ja'Baby's Nightmare
M-momma..?" Ja'Baby stutters fear laced in his trembling voice, hoping not to cry. He was sharing his mother tower and his mother's bed. Shifting out of his section of the bed, his blankets slipped off him, as he drained the sleep from the larger body replicating his young features.
The larger body groans, turning and blankly stares at his child. He lifts his dainty and delicate hand patting Ja'Baby's head. To state that he was slowly awakening. "What is it Ja'Baby?" He asked softly , caressing the terrified Chibi. 
Ja'Baby looks up teary eyed, streams of small rivers dripping down from eyes, to his cheek.
"I-i Had a N-nightmare." ;~;
Ja'far finalize he needed answers to. Return to his desired need, sleep. It wasn't often that he had time to rest his dark bags from the past week and month. Recalled his co-workers calling him a workaholic, it's not his fault that Sinbad ditched to revert to drinking at bars and flirt with ladies. There were times, why he loved that man. The man, wh
:iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 0 0
Magi: Welcome Ja'Baby!

"Yay I'm here!" 
The Chibi Jumps Happily up and down, Grinning*
Hatter types vigorously, trying to ignore the adorable Chibi.
Ja'Baby Stretches it's chubby cheeks (Experimentally remembering Aladdin doing this) 
Watching upon over "The Author's" shoulder.
"SOOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!! 😍" A Major Fangirl Screeches from afar.
"Must.. Type.. Another.. Ship.. BE.. Strong.. Hatter.." Hatter types even more vigorously.
Ja'baby turns on his charm and reveals an open smile;  With it's small hands out for someone (Like his older mama Ja'fari) to take him up in the air/hugs.
Hatter stops typing abruptly, putting her hands to reach out for the Chibi. She holds the Chibi close to her almost flat chest. Hatter squeals. "Adorable!"
Ja'Baby giggles, rubbing back also
Ja'far slams the door open. "Back to work!" He leaves, the door slamming behind him." 
The Chibi; Smoll Ja'baby calls out,
:iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 2
Shawn M. Gottschalk :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 3 3 Rick and Morty Version :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 2 0 Colored Gravity Falls Trust :iconrosemayliegottschalk:RoseMaylieGottschalk 5 0


Petstuck! Karkat x Reader || Poor Baby
  The sky is dark with ominous clouds billowing up while crytal spheres of water cascade against your tresses.
     Dull yellow eyes peek up at you as you carry the poor creature to your apartment as quickly as humanly possible.
    'Damn I wish I had Dirk's flash stepping abilities.'
He's curled up inside your jacket, orangey yellow horns sticking out along with his matted black hair.
     Your name is (Y/n) and afew minutes ago you discovered an abandoned troll hunched over in an alley. His grey arms hugged his knees to his bare chest which was littered with red blotches and fresh cuts. He wore only a ratty pair- of what appeared to be -black swimming trunks.
 Red tears pooled in his eyes as he shivered, fully exposed to the harsh elements.
   The sight was too much for you.
   After much coaxing and pained cries and warnings from him, you lured him into your warm imbrade whist murmuring comforting words.
:iconhawkkage:HawkKage 41 17
Homestuck x Reader - Kurloz
...A norwegian forest cat, hiding on a shelf, watching me with purple eyes.
I at once noticed the stitches, causing me to gasp.
"Who in their right mind sews a cat's mouth shut!? Not only is that animal cruelty, but it's idiotic! How is he supposed to eat without the use of his mouth!?" I snapped, picking him down gently.
I went over to the counter, putting him down as I took some scissors to cut the string.
I then carefully removed it, frowning as I did.
"Idiots astound me sometimes with their stupidity." I grumbled, petting him absentmindedly.
As Louise came out, out of breath, she saw the string.
"What's that?" she asked.
"Some idiot had sewn his mouth shut." I grumbled, motioning for the cat.
She sighed.
"Well, anyway, what did you call me for?" she wondered.
"I want a companion cat." I said.
"Then take that guy. His name's Kurloz." she said, going over to the collars.
She took a purple one, handing it to me.
"Take him and go, I've got a job to do." she said, and I slipped the coll
:iconsulan94:Sulan94 133 37
Petsuck!Kankri x Reader x Petstuck!Karkat
You walked by the streets, eyeing the stores if something catches your attention.
It was a routine already. Wake up at 6:00 am -it was your natural clock you always woke up at 6:00-, go to work at 8:00, get in the building at 8:30, work until 16:00, chat half an hour with Jane, leave and walk home and once at home... Do absolutely. Nothing.
It's not that you're lazy.
It's just because you've just graduated and have a tittle on child psychology. But that doesn't mean that 'wow you have a tittle! Here's a job!' No it's more like 'There's a McDonald's next to your local park. So that's a start'.
So, for now, you work on a bakery with your best pal -and HUGE crush- Jane Crocker. She asked if you wanted the job after the graduation and you, obviously, said yes many, many times. There was two pros anyways, 1: You get money for your rent and food (the place's payment was really good for a bakery) 2: You get to see Jane 8 and a half hours, which is something awesome.
You stopped in
:iconblazefoxcat:BlazeFoxCat 21 16
A Set-Up Meeting (Volkner x Reader)
I told him it was a terrible idea.
  Flint insisted that I go to Sunyshore beach with him. He was always pulling me into ideas like this, being your “Elite Four Bestie,” He had said. I had taken Bertha’s place in the Elite Four after she retired, and Flint and I had instantly bonded. He knew I hated water, but Flint insisted I come with.
   “But (Y/N), the beach is fun! And besides, there is a guy I want you to meet. You’ll agree with me that hes pretty awesome when you meet him.” Flint persuaded. I had to say, this ‘mystery man’ Flint talked so highly about intrigued me.
  “Fine, fine, I give in! But I refuse to go into the water. That’s the catch.” I countered back.
  “Sure… We’ll see about that, (Y/N).”
Two days later~
:iconrhaynestorm:RhayneStorm 82 11
A spark of love--Volkner x reader (part 2: Final)
A/N: These are the Pokémon I have chosen for the beloved Reader-chan for the tournament
-Zoroark   -Umbreon   -Houndoom   -Hydredgion   -Serperior   -Dragonair
After a long boat ride and a day's journey walking, (Name) and Volkner had arrived at the tag team tournament location. (Name), being the Unova league champion, had to go to take care of the opening day. She waved goodbye and ran off to help with the preparations for the tournament. By the end of the day, the tournament was all set; the judges had been chosen, the different regions champions and their eighth gym leaders were set and ready to go. The morning of the tournament, the rules were to be read by (Name) and the games could begin.
To say (Name) was nervous that morning was an understatement. She shook her head, (h/c) hair falling into her eyes as she blew it back before putting her hair up in a ponytail. The small black Pokémon by her feet, Umbreon, barked happily. Her Pok
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 43 57
A Spark of Love -- Volkner x reader (part 1)
A Spark of Love—Volkner x Reader
Author’s note: It’ll be in two parts. This is part one. Next part will be up soon! Sorry for the wait. This is for a friend who requested I do a Volkner x Reader. Hope you like it!!
Several years had gone by since Volkner had seen (Name). He, the girl, and Flint had been good friends growing up. He trained electric types, Flint trained fire and (Name) trained (Fav. Type).  The three had practically lived together. However, when (Name) announced that she was going to Unova to stay with family and become the champion. He had kept track of her and the two had kept in close contact.
One day, however, the two just stopped communicating. Volkner had sent her a letter with a Starly, but she never responded. A few weeks had gone by, and still no response by the girl. Volkner had done everything to find her again. He searched the news, called Flint to t
:iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 64 9
Volkner x Reader: A Battle to Remember
Sunyshore City was probably my favorite place in all of Sinnoh, and not just because of the gorgeous weather.
The first time I came through, I was collecting badges so that I could challenge the Sinnoh League. I had seven of them, and the last was the Beacon Badge from Sunyshore. They had finally cleared up that power outage, and the gates were open again.
Just as I crossed into town, a familiar figure had strode up to me, hands in pockets, and I could see his outrageous red afro from across the way.
“Heh, finally made it, didja?”
“Nice to see you too, Flint.” My voice had a steely quality, and Flint seemed to realize that his greeting was rather rude.
“Ah, sorry. But hey, listen, the gym leader here is a personal friend of mine. He’s been feelin’ awful down for quite a while, hasn’t had a good battle in months. That’s why I need you to put all you got into this match, all right?”
I cocked a grin at him. “Have you ever h
:iconemmalou23:Emmalou23 94 13
Volkner X Reader: Remember Me - Chapter 1
Volkner stared at you with disbelief. He couldn’t accept it! Why won’t you remember him? You promised you would!
“(y-y/n)… Y-You can’t possibly-”
He was cut off as you slapped him and walked away, only to be bumped into your cousin when he walked in.
“Sorry,” he said. “Did I interrupt something?”
“Please tell he’s not the guy you wanted me to meet?” you begged as you glared at the poor blond.
Flint’s grey eyes widened in shock as he saw Volkner’s red cheek. “Dude!” he exclaimed. “What happened to you?” He then turned to you. “Wait, did you slap him?”
“That creep tackled me into a deadly hug like if we were friends for years!” you yelled at him.
“You guys know each other?” your cousin asked Volkner.
“He thinks we do! But I’ve never seen him in my entire life!” You then stood behind the red head. “Please make him sta
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 63 14
Volkner X Reader: Remember Me - Prologue
“Where are we going, Mommy?” you asked with your little 5 year old voice.
“I want to spend some time with a friend before we leave tomorrow,” she replied.
You juts nodded and said, “Okay,” before you both continued walking through Sunyshore City.
“Marian! I can’t believe it! It’s so nice to see you again!” a blonde woman squealed as she hugged your mother tightly.
“It’s nice to see you too. It has been such a long time,” your mother said after she recovered from the strong embrace.
“I know!” The woman then crouched so she was at the same level as you. “And who’s this little cutie?” She pinched your cheeks.
“This is my daughter (y/n).” Your mother looked at you. “Say hi.”
“Hi,” you said with a bright smile.
“She’s the most adorable thing in the whole world! I’m sure Volkner would love her!” she squealed.
Your mother chuck
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 96 21
Volkner X Reader - Break time
Flint and you started to walk to the tower and got in the elevator. It was kinda quiet on our way up. But when the doors opened Raichu lunched at you and you had to take a step back.
You giggled. "Hi, Raichu," you said. "How are you?" He cried happily. "That's good."
"Seems like he is happy to see you," Flint said.
"So do you know where Volkner is?" You asked. Raichu jumped down and you followed him. "I'll bring him out see you in a minute."
He took you to a dark room and Volkner was in front of a computer on the ground. You went over and sat behind him. You hugged him and said with an exhale, "Hi, Volkner." You rubbed his chest seductively.
"(Name)? You're here?" he asked typing away not even looking away. "What do you want?" He asked harshly.
"You to take a break," you said. "Raichu's getting worried about you and so am I." You said while rubbing his arm. "So let's take a break."
"I'm busy," he said.
"So," you said almost kissed his neck. "You really need one. Because I'm bored."
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 235 76
Flowers (Volkner x Reader)
Volkner had recently rebuilt his gym after his run in with Team Rocket.
He smiled brightly at the amazing work.
He couldn’t wait until someone would challenge him.
Volkner felt he built this gym even better then before.
Somewhere over near Floaroma town.
"_______ come here." Your mother called.
‘Yes mom?" You asked asked.
"I need you to deliver these flowers to Sunyshore city." Your mother said handing you a large bouquet of flowers.
"Oh these are lovely mother who are they for?" You asked.
"An old couple. The man wanted something special for their anniversary." Your mother said.
"Alright I will go." You said grabbing your flowers.
"Are you ready ________?" You asked your Skorupi.
Skorupi nodded.
"I can’t carry you there though." You said.
The bouquet was so large it required to be held in both arms.
Skorupi nodded and with that the two of you headed out.
You mad your way there on the quickest routes.
"I wonder how the gym leader is doing." You mumbled to yourself blu
:iconambervantas69:AmberVantas69 101 45
Work (Fem!Reader x Augustine Sycamore Oneshot )
(Y/N) studied the pokemon in front of her. They weren't doing much, apart from sleeping or
staring back at her. "Come on now. Surely he hasn't been letting you go to soft!" She poked
the belly of a Charmander that was lying on its back. "(Y/N)!" The man's voice startled her
and she visibly jumped, knocking off the Fletchling on her shoulder. "Professor! Why do you
insist on sneaking up on me?" "Apologies, Mademoiselle." He gave her a sly smirk and took
over her job. (Y/N) had been working with the renowned Professor Augustine Sycamore for a
little more than a year now. She had relocated to the Kalos region with her parents when she
was younger, and from then on had worked almost endlessly to gain a spot to work with the
man. They had become good friends, however lately the young woman had felt a bit...more for
odd, yet attractive, professor. She sighed, running her hand through her (H/L) (H/C)
tresses. Augustine looked up, his grey-blue eyes meeting her (E/C) ones. "Are you alright,
:iconbrokenwinterpromise:BrokenWinterPromise 40 15
nescient / professor sycamore x reader
Nescient | 'nεsιənt |
lacking knowledge; ignorant.

He’s nescient to the way you gaze at him in the office. He’s nescient to how you know he likes six sugar cubes in his cup. Nescient to the reason why the coffeemaker isn’t out of grinded coffee after not refilling it for months. Nescient to why his mug is always clean, on his desk.
Nescient to the way that you care about him.
Professor Augustine Sycamore is late today; today, of all days, the day when his old students are scheduled to arrive. You’re leaning on your desk, glow from your computer straining your eyes, but you don’t care. You just need him here, right now. Not only for the job.
His lateness is justified, just by a little bit—he did just arrive the night before from a flight from Hoenn, probably to attend a wedding or something—but this meeting was planned for a month. And you don’t want him to deal with all the repercussions for his actions, mostly t
:iconpolydeuce:polydeuce 72 18
Pkmn: Steven Stone/Reader - Attract
Well wasn't this peachy? _____, the most recent League champion, was completely lost in a cave deep underground. It was pretty late at night, too; who in their right mind would be out here this late? _____ had her trusty Sableye with her, and it could see in the dark, but _____ couldn't. And that leads us to her sitting huddled against the cave wall, Sableye in her lap, and the Champion shivering in the cold, moist air of the cave. It was pitch black, and it was so quiet...
"Sableye, I-I think we need to wait out until morning..."
"Sableee...eye!! Sableye!" Sableye suddenly jumped up, grabbing its trainer's hand and attempting to tug her away. A loud rumbling came from above, and _____'s eyes widened in shock as she heard rocks beginning to fall. She scrambled up and grabbed Sableye in her arms, running blindly and dodging whatever falling stones (and eventually boulders) she could until she slammed into a wall of solid rock, giving a yell of surprise and pain as she hit. Several small
:iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 148 29
Teacher Green X Student Reader: Teacher's Love
You cursed under your breath. Why? Because once again, you were late for the first class of the day, which was math. God how you hated that subject! Numbers floating everywhere in your head that didn’t make any sense. This was the only subject where you fail, and that wasn’t the only reason why you hated it so much.
Your math teacher, known as Green Oak, but you call him Mr. Oak or Professor Oak, wasn’t really your favourite teacher in this school. Sure, he was handsome and quite young for a professor, he was probably in his mid 20s, and many girls were head over heels on him, but everytime you entered his class, he made sure your day was ruined by him. He was immature and acted like a complete jerk, which wasn’t what you expected from a math teacher when you first met him. You were always his target for reasons you ignored. You later thought maybe because you were the only girl who didn’t flirt with him. He would call you with insults in which he thinks a
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 244 79
Green X Reader: The Second I First Saw You
Green's POV:
(y/n) and I are both sitting on the grass, enjoying the riverbank and finishing our sandwich. We let our pokemon out to play or rest.
Today was a day off for me, and I wanted to spend the maximum with (y/n). I asked her if she wanted to have a picnic with me, and luckily for me she gladly accepted. The reason why I want to spend time with her when I can is because I have a crush on her. And being the romantic guy I am, I try to do everything so she'll notice me, but the problem is that she's as oblivious as Red.
After we finish eating, we both watch our pokemon playing together. I lean back on the tree and I stare at her but she doesn't seem to notice.
“So... how have you been?” I ask as I break the not-so-awkward-silence.
She turns her head to look at me and I blush. She has the most gorgeous eyes in the whole world. They are (eye colour) and they sparkle like thousands of stars.
“You know, helping your grandfather in the lab.” She smiles at me. Be
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 227 48


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Untitled by RoseMaylieGottschalk

(No censored swears){Enjoy music if wanted)

Talk to myself.
A lot.
I want I expect a lot from myself, what I didn't expect to see.
Is that I crippled myself the point, that I can't even stand for myself because the point sometimes you can't stand for yourself you keep even speak it's like being dead or alive.
I That's the question are you tell me, the life people just go from the bar drinking and driving, makes it seems like a fun little joy ride.
Where to the point we're spending money on shit you don't need to kill you on the spot is the shit that you don't really need because you might be alone forever is that's what you see.
That's because you didn't give life a chance please play the cards right you might score yourself a little something, play the cards wrong you fucked up life you're not a virgin when you die, so you see things are not what it's cracked up to be, I understand.
Find that edge just stupid a way enjoy something have fun, not get high just fuck up life and disappoint everyone you have a meeting everyone goddamn has purpose.
But I'll people you wouldn't have of it you wouldn't have a company you wouldn't have friends, you want to have a social link.
You don't play people as cards you make sure you are one you actually are because no one gets to choose beggars can't be chooser or lose everything. Life is not a simple game, you see.
It's complicated just like a goddamn relationship, where you say your partner is the worst one do you ever meet.
I don't get that, because i never been one right now.
I see that I would learn things that's what you to learn to exceed past expectations, you have to do that every day.
I know that's complicated but you can't give up you can't you lose a lot of things, you lose a lot of things in mind taking the prick out and burn.
That is not how you live start a gateway drug you're not post to take that that is how money works that is how modern day works you see technology is a different subject do you lose jobs because you improve in most of things computers over knowledge.
Technology take the hard road and you try to find a simple road just makes it more complicated over the instruction manual.
Life doesn't have a manual you were born to give choices wether, if you born or genderized as boy, or a girl, trans.  
What you ever you do I don't control that I understand, that is where I do not trust myself.
I repeat, I do not trust myself within the range of deciding what to do.
Because I am afraid.
I am afraid of how everyone judges, I am afraid of my goddamn skin are you afraid of the typical knowledge of political sense of our country why do we have this man do we not judge by character, or we be judged by our publicity.
I am worried of the future because America has a noose around our necks for we owe a lot to China that IOU never given. 
What do we do..?
What are we meant to be is your decision whatever you do be kill you receive you bring life create a good future.  
You crash your car with a child running infront of your vehicle, it was the night you feel that pain scrunch up your heart, or if you have one, I'm not complaining or convinced.
Wither if your a Socialpath or Psychopath.
You know you have a new box of durable trash bags and a shovel in the back. You have a warrant at your neck to chill your thoughts of confrontation with the jury and the crying parents
What do you, in a situation like this?
Hand yourself in, or bare the guilt of your sins..
Laugh, you could hear the uproar of hysteria rile your sanity.
Tears may have rolled down your cheeks, or you did none of these things..
What are you you do is the beginning of change.
Small changes make it big.
Have a nice day..

I apologize...
Magi Rose
If Rose went to the Magi dimension, she'll be part of Sindria's Castle staff, along side with Jafar and Sinbad. After being sent there as a younger age she was regularly was traveling with Young Sinbad. I guess she really admires Ja'far's Knowledge, persistence to work for the people of Sindria and the list goes on.

Freddy: Do You Trust Me?

Image by RoseMaylieGottschalk

Mangle: *Seals the jar*

Star: Hmm guess radiance didn't work.

Freddy: *Takes jar*

Mangle: You don't know what a shadow demon.

Freddy: Nope.
But I wonder...
If it kills people. 
*Smirks and holds the jar close*

Star: I don't trust you Freddy.

Mangle: Uh be careful it's a glass jar.

Freddy: Yeah I know. 
*Breaks the jar*

[The Shadow Demon take over Freddy's Form]

Freddy?: Ooooh~
This could be interesting.

Mangle: Brake it and it can shut the restaurant to darkness.
It'll also dragging us with it.
*Face palms and suddenly shut down*

Freddy?: Too late~

[Freddy's music goes off cuz of the darkness]

Mangle: *Flimbles to the ground, as the parts fly off *

Freddy?: Hur hur hur. 
*Turns dark*
Oh how I love the dark.

Bonnie: Ugh, what happened?

Mangle: 'Sh*t!'
'Damn you Shadow Freddy!'

Freddy: I saved your life Bonnie. 

Star: *Eyes are black*

Mangle: 'Help me....'


RoseMaylieGottschalk's Profile Picture
Wonderland(UK's Cousin)
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello There My Dear!~

I am the Personification Of Wonderland.

I am dearest cousins to Arthur Kirkland (England)/ Oliver Kirkland (2PEngland), and few others Countries/States.

(Admin: Are You One?)

Maybe to Some demons, as well.

The reason?~

Well I'm a dream demon, like my father Nightmare Gottschalk.

Demons: Well I only know little in Black Butler

Plus I'm 1p And 2P All At Once. For My Kind Side And Assassin Side.

But Not Just That Wonderland Is Where The Mad Is.

A Link To A Song Sung By Me My Dear~…

[A link to a reason why She might stay, I mean you would, after reading this!!]

~=+{Rose M. Gottschalk}+=~

Journal History


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